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The Complete Solution for Hair Removal

Soprano ICE is the most complete and effective hair removal solution available today. By incorporating multiple laser wavelengths and technologies, Soprano ICE allows practitioners to treat the widest range of patients and hair types all year round, administer treatments quickly and comfortably and achieve the best possible clinical results.


Always at the forefront of innovation, Alma brings you the most advanced hair removal solutions available in the industry. By combining the benefits of the Alexandrite wavelength with the advantages of a solid-state laser, Soprano ICE offers the cutting-edge in hair removal technology and treatment methods.

Dual Mode – SHRTM & HR Modes

Soprano ICE offers you both SHR and HR treatment options to accommodate the varying needs of your practice.

System Benefits:

  • Soprano has over 6 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • Soprano is FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin
  • Intuitive and user friendly 12″ color touch screen with pre-set parameters
  • Easy to operate
  • No consumables

Near Infrared Technology

The NIR module offers skin remodeling and resurfacing treatments using a high power light source in the near infrared spectrum. This light energy achieves safe and effective sub-dermal heating, stimulating the growth of new collagen and tightening laxity while also imparting a youthful glow to the skin.


The high power NIR lamp emits near infrared light to elevate dermal temperature, with peak power at 1300nm for deep penetration. This mechanism causes micro thermal injury to the tissue which contracts existing fibers, stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves its alignment and thickness. The procedure yields both short and long term benefits, with immediate skin tightening and glow as well as restructuring of the skin’s architecture, helping to bolster the skin against future aging.

The NIR module offers separate applicators for face and body. The ergonomic lightweight applicator design makes treatments more comfortable for practitioners with easy delegation to staff.

Procedures with the NIR module may be performed via a stationary delivery method or using the In-MotionTM technique for gradual heat build-up and comfortable treatment.

Faster Hair Removal

Soprano®ICE applicator has a 2cm2 spot size which cuts treatment time by half. With the ICE, you will perform more treatments and earn greater revenues.

Skin Tightening

Soprano®ICE provides permanent hair reduction that is virtually pain free. And with a NIR (near infrared) handpiece, SopranoICE also offers another of the world’s other most popular aesthetic applications, skin tightening.


Diode Laser Alex:

For the widest range of hair types and color.
Breakthrough hair removal technology using a solid-state laser based on an Alexandrite wavelength, allowing for even better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore.
The powerful absorption that is possible with the Alex wavelength combined with the contact cooling, treatment coverage, comfort and low maintenance of the solid-state laser provides an ideal solution for the widest range of hair types and color- especially light-colored and thin hair.

Specifications: Diode, 755 nm, Spot Size 15×10 mm, up to 10 Hz



Half the treatment time.
Perform more treatment sessions in less time with a large spot size applicator, allowing you to quickly treat larger areas, while offering your patients the fastest and most effective hair removal possible.

Specifications: Diode, 810 nm, Spot Size 20×10 mm, up to 10 Hz



Versatile treatment methods.
Rather than exposing the hair follicle to a single high energy pulse which can cause trauma to skin with a high melanin count, SHR gradually heats the skin until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle. This makes SHR the safest laser hair removal option, including for dark skinned patients.

Specifications: Diode, 810 nm, Spot Size 12×10 mm, up to 10 Hz


Diode Laser YAG:

Specialized for darker skin types.
The YAG uses a diode laser based on Nd: YAG wavelength, allowing for moderate energy absorption by the melanin chromophore. This absorption level combined with the contact cooling, treatment coverage, comfort and low maintenance of the diode laser, provides a focused solution for darker skin types.

Specifications: Diode, 1064 nm, Spot Size 12×10 mm, up to 10 Hz



NIR Module

The NIR module uses Near Infrared technology to heat the tissue under the skin’s surface.



Facial TIP:

Reaching the hard to reach.
The unique Facial TIP allows treatment of hard to reach areas, including the ears, nostrils and glabella.

Specifications: Diode, 810 nm, Spot Size 6 mm


Disposable Hygienic Tip:

Treatment of Intimate area
A unique disposable tip for treatment of intimate areas (10 units per package)

Innovative technologies for more comfortable treatments

The SopranoICE Virtually Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal process works by safely and gently heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth, yet does not injure the surrounding skin. Technologies used for SopranoICE treatments include:

  • Gold standard 810-nm laser diode
  • Near-infrared module
  • IN-Motion
  • CW Pulse
  • DualChill

Gold standard 810-nm laser diode

SopranoICE uses 810-nm diode laser technology, the gold standard in laser hair removal since it was introduced in 1998. Unlike earlier systems, however, SopranoICE energy penetrates deep into the dermis (where the hair follicle is located) with high average power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second repetition rate.

Near-Infrared Module

SopranoICE‘s NEW near-infrared NIR module delivers uniform energy distribution that produces dramatic, yet comfortable skin tightening without damage to the epidermis. This handpiece can also be used to treat minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, minor joint pain associated with arthritis; may also help muscle spasms, minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular back pain.

IN-Motion technology removes pain

The high average power, low fluence, high repetition rate SHR mode pulses slowly increase the temperature of the hair follicle containing the cells responsible for hair regrowth. By constantly moving the handpiece during treatment, the energy is delivered safely and more uniformly, eliminating skipped spots and ensuring patient comfort.
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CW Pulse

CW Pulse technology allows homogeneous distribution and more effective fluence to be delivered with improved patient comfort. The unique pulse structure of SopranoICE incorporates two discrete pulses. The first is a preheated long pulse that safely heats the tissue; the second short pulse effectively destroys the hair follicle and its surrounding vasculature.


Cooling for SopranoICE comes from the Sapphire DualChill tip. In addition to the comfort achieved by IN-Motion technology, DualChill makes it even more comfortable, virtually eliminating the need for cold gels or analgesics. An optional Zimmer Cryo 5 air chiller can make the experience even more pleasant for the patient before, during and after the treatment. DualChill technology helps preserve the epidermis and allows high fluences for any given skin type.

Expand the Power of Your Soprano

Take advantage of the versatile expandability of the Soprano Family of platforms with an NIR module for your system. It will offer unique added functionality to broaden your aesthetic treatment offerings and grow your business.


NIR Module

The NIR module uses Near Infrared technology to heat the tissue under the skin’s surface.

What fellow practitioners are saying…

“Soprano ICE has dramatically changed the way I look at hair removal treatments. Alma SHR eliminates all major limitations where now I can treat patients of all skin types all year round and was found to be virtually painless. SHR has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal minimizing any chance for complications associated with hair removal. By using the Soprano ICE, I can now treat areas previously hard to treat such as: ears, nostrils, glabella and nape. I am extremely satisfied with device which I believe it has a great potential not just in the Japanese market but rather worldwide.
-Kozo Arikawa M.D.,PhD, Japan. Arikawa Skin Clinic.

“I believe Soprano SHR is the first innovation in laser hair removal in the past 10 years. We are now able to treat all skin types safely, with less pain.”
–MARTIN BRAUN, MD Vancouver Laser Center, Vancouver, BC, CA

“Soprano SHR has revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting and better results compared to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ treatment, applying low fluences at high repetition rates, enables us to provide customized photoepilation for each patient. Soprano works with all skin and hair types, all year round, with consistent, safe, reliable results. Today Soprano SHR is an essential tool for aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any of its competitors.”
–FERNANDO URDIALES, MD Director of Miramar Medical Institute, Malaga, Spain

“Pain-free isn’t the only innovation, of course. Soprano also has the fastest coverage rate in the industry, with a huge 12×10 mm spot and up to 10 Hz repetition rate. Plus, with no consumables, Soprano is easy to operate and very cost-effective. Soprano painless hair removal has transformed the laser hair experience for men because lets face it – men are not very good with pain! Treatment is also quick and results rapid and this is very appealing to male clients.”
–PATRICK BOWLER, MS.BS Co-Found of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors Court House Clinics, UK

“The use of SHR in patients with dark skin types may substantially reduce pain or discomfort and minimize severity of blistering, scabbing, crusting and hyper/hyperpigmentation.” CHRISTOPHER ZACHARY, MD Department Chair, University of Califonia, Irvine, USA “There is significantly less pain using Soprano SHR compared to the Duet.”
–TANIA MENEGHEL, MD, DERMATOLOGIST Renaissance Clinic, São Paulo, Brazil



Near-infrared Energy with exclusive IN-Motion technology

SopranoICE come with the main unit, diode (hair removal) handpiece, NIR (skin tightening) handpiece installation, in-service training and the following parts:

System Specifications

Hair Removal (SHR) Laser Hair Removal (LHR) Skin Tightening
Diode (continuous wave) Diode (continuous wave) NIR Lamp
810 nm 810 nm Peak emission at 1,300 nm
up to 20 J/cm2 up to 120 J/cm2 up to 100 W
12 x 10 mm 12 x 10 mm 30 x 60 (18 cm2)
up to 10 Hz up to 3 Hz NA
Contact cooling Contact cooling Contact thermo-electric cooling (TEC)
120/230 VAC, 13/6 A, 50/60 Hz
53 cm x 57 cm x 120 cm (20? x 22.4? x 47?)
50 kg (110 lbs)

Safety features come standard

You’ll receive a main unit, diode (hair removal) handpiece, NIR (skin tightening) handpiece installation, in-service training and the following parts:

  • 2 pairs of safety glasses
  • 2 keys
  • 1 safety warning sign
  • 1 foot switch
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 operator’s manual

Shipping and installation requirements

SopranoICEcan be shipped anywhere. It needs no special receiving facilities, as it is small enough to fit on any elevator. It uses any standard wall outlet.

  • Space should be allocated with adequate ventilation and free airflow
  • The system should be connected to a dedicated circuit
  • Room temperature should ideally be between 20° and 25°C, with a relative humidity less than 80%.

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