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Pixel COFractional Laser Solution

The Power of CO2, the Performance of Pixel

The Pixel®  CO2 system is the perfect system for any practice looking to offer fractionated CO2 laser treatments. Representing the best of both worlds for skin resurfacing, Pixel CO2 combines the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach with a level of patient comfort and convenience that approaches a non-ablative solution. Pixel CO2 offers:

Pixel CO2 is ideal for aesthetic practitioners looking to add the impressive results of fractionated CO2 to their patient service offerings. Through patient-friendly Pixel Perfect laser skin resurfacing procedures with minimal downtime, Pixel CO2 gives practitioners the ability to add a proven revenue stream to your practice quickly and easily. Alma Lasers supports your Pixel CO2 investment through the Alma Lasers Marketing Assistance (A.L.M.A.) program, Office by Alma marketing materials, and an ongoing schedule of training programs.

Pixel CO2 Skin Resurfacing System

Fast results, safely

If you currently provide non-ablative laser and light based therapies and find that many of your patients desire something more aggressive, Pixel® CO2 is the application to fit your needs. The revolutionary system allows you to offer the impressive results of CO2 skin resurfacing without the long recovery times generally associated with CO2.


  • Ear, Nose & Throat (Cutting application)
  • Gynaecology (FemiLift hand piece)
  • Dermatology (Fractional Ablative Skin Resurfacing)
  • Ablative Skin Resurfacing

pixel_perfect_smallPixel Perfect™ – Dramatic skin revitalization

Pixel Perfect is an ideal treatment for those patients interested in more aggressive results than non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments can offer. By combining its proprietary and proven Pixel fractionated technology with traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, the Pixel CO2creates a supremely effective treatment for aged, photo-damaged and acne-scarred skin with minimal erythema or patient downtime.

With Pixel Perfect skin resurfacing, you’ll achieve dramatic results similar to traditional CO2 while minimizing long-term discomfort and the risk of complications. Pixel Perfect skin resurfacing significantly improves the tone and texture of skin in one treatment with minimal downtime and faster healing – patients usually return to normal activities within three days. Pixel Perfect skin resurfacing has a lower risk of complications compared to traditional CO2 laser resurfacing with a short learning curve.

Pixel CO2 Specifications

The effectiveness of ablative, the comfort of non-ablative.

Pixel® CO2 is designed to be a free-standing unit in medical offices and requires minimal site preparation. It uses a standard wall outlet and transports easily from room to room.

System Specifications

Sealed, RF-excited CO2 laser
10.6 µm
70 Watt
CW, Super Pulse
50-1000 µs
25-500 Hz
3 tip options 7 x 7 array of 49 pixels, 9 x 9 array of 81 pixels and 1×7 array of 7 pixels
50, 100 mm focal lengths
Lightweight, carbon fiber, 7-joint, spring-balanced articulated arm
Color touch screen, footswitch
650 nm, 5 mW
120 VAC, 20 A, 50/60 Hz or
230 VAC, 10 A, 50/60 Hz
52″ x 17.75″ x 21″
(132 cm x 45 cm x 53 cm)
135 lbs. (61 kg)

Safety features come standard

All Pixel® CO2 systems come with a limited 1-year warranty. You’ll receive the unit, the delivery arm, and the following parts:

  • 2 keys
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 operator’s manual
  • 1 interlock
  • 1 Pixel Perfect marketing kit
  • On-site installation/In-service training (1 day each)

Shipping and installation requirements

Pixel® CO2 can be shipped anywhere. It needs no special receiving facilities, as it is small enough to fit on any elevator. Site preparation should be minimal.

  • It uses any standard wall outlet
  • Space should be allocated with adequate ventilation and free air flow
  • The system should be connected to a dedicated circuit
  • Room temperature should ideally be between 68 to 77°F (20 – 25°C), with a relative humidity less than 80%.

In a CO2 laser device, the active medium is a carbon dioxide gas mixture,
enclosed within a sealed-off tube (laser resonator), equipped with electrodes.
The laser resonator is positioned between two mirrors in an optical cavity.
The rear mirror is totally reflective, whereas the front mirror is partially reflective.


The pumping source is a power supply unit that provides voltage to the electrodes.
An electrical discharge along the resonator results in stimulated emission of radiation,
which is reflected back and forth between the two mirrors in the optical cavity and
is transmitted as the CO2 laser beam through the partially-reflective front mirror.

The CO2 laser is well-known for its versatility and safety benefits in surgical applications due to
its limited depth of penetration and lateral thermal effect.

The CO2 laser radiation has a wavelength of 10.6 micron, which is in
the infrared (invisible) range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The 10.6 micron wavelength is strongly absorbed by water and by
all biological tissues whose water content is high.
Therefore, it operates only on the tissue surface without causing
thermal damage to the underlying tissues.
This is a useful characteristic that is manipulated in surgical procedures requiring excision,
incision, ablation, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissues.

Alma Lasers Pixel CO2 is the world’s first surgical laser system to combine cutting
and coagulation into a single pulse setting.

  • In “cut” (ablation) mode, the pulse emits high peak power,
    causing immediate ablation of tissue up to the epidermis-dermis junction.
  • In “coagulation” (thermal) mode, the pulse emits modest power,conducting heat beyond the epidermis-dermis junction,
    causing blood vessels and tissue to shrink.

With this added control and versatility, it is possible to obtain optimal results for char-free tissue ablation,
vaporization, excision, incision and tissue hemostasis with faster treatment times,
minimal bleeding and reduced patient downtime.

Alma Lasers Pixel CO2 laser system is widely used in a variety of surgical applications such as dermatology,
plastic surgery, gynecology, otolaryngology (ENT), and invasive and endoscopic general surgery.

Pixel Perfect™

Before and after pictures

Pixel® CO2 delivers results in approximately 3 to 5 days, as opposed to the 30 days often necessary for traditional ablative CO2 procedures. The results are similar, but with minimal risk. It’s why patients will ask for the Pixel Perfect™ experience by name. View some of the best before and after photos here.

Alma CO2 a variety of unique scanners and applicators which offer advantages over all other CO2 lasers.

CO2 Fractional Roller – The CO2 Roller rests on two wheels which glide across the skin, triggering a 70W laser pulse that is channeled into a horizontal line of seven evenly spaced laser spots. As the turning of the wheels trigger the laser, a symmetrical track of high thermal fractional ablation is created regardless of treatment speed. Power Compared to passive fractional applicators with a 7X7 or 9X9 laser spot pattern, the roller delivers up to 10 times more energy per laser spot. The added strength of the roller causes deeper penetration with shorter pulse duration; improving treatment results while also reducing patient downtime.

LiteScan – LiteScan is the most advanced CO2 scanner available today, offering char-free tissue ablation and vaporization with multiple scanning patterns.

  • Vaporization layer-by-layer
  • Ease-of-use
  • Versatility
  • Precision
  • Control
  • Performance
  • Penetration depth
  • Adjustable patterns

Continuous Variable Defocus (CVD) – Alma CO2 the only CO2 CVD tip. The CVD can change the focus of the laser spot from 1mm – 4mm. With a single tip, it is not possible to manipulate the beam strength during treatment.

IMPACT – The IMPACT module opens up new treatment possibilities by enhancing the delivery of cosmeceuticals to the deeper skin tissue. IMPACT is a sonotrode that releases acoustic waves and air pressure which advance cosmeceuticals through micro-channels (created by the fractional ablative CO2 scanner or roller), creating a push and pull effect within the channels to release the buildup of inter-cellular fluid and deliver the cosmeceuticals to the targeted tissue depth.

Surgical – Alma Lasers CO2 a wide variety of 3rd party micromanipulators and access devices for use with the Surgical hand pieces and scanners. This versatility makes Alma Lasers the leading choice for plastic surgery, laparoscopy, gynecology, proctology and 60 other surgical applications.



Deliver more precision while significantly reducing treatment time.

Faster Treatment. Better Precision.

The iPixel rests on 2 small wheels at the tip of the module which roll across the patient’s skin. Unlike traditional lasers which use a stamping or scanning technique, the iPixel module allows you to treat the targeted area with high speed and elegant efficiency.

Laser pulses are triggered as the treatment tip is rolled across the skin, regardless of the speed at which the handpiece is moved. Both iPixel CO2 and iPixelER modules accurately and consistently deliver a single row of seven pixels (ablative microwounds) per millimeter moved. The user can easily see where they’ve been with the pixel patterns left by each pass of the ablative laser.

Shorter Downtime

The fine spacing in-between the 7 pixels minimizes the treatment area by forming a reservoir of skin that remains undamaged by the laser, thereby improving results and reducing patient down time.

Other Clinical Benefits

The iPixel module CO2 enhanced clinical benefits for you and your patients.

  • High energy output
  • Enhanced treatment results
  • Works on all skin types
  • Safe for use all year round


Revitalize your existing CO2 laser

The Pixel CO2 OMNIFIT is the perfect solution for any practice with an existing CO2 system looking to offer fractional CO2 laser treatments. Transforming any standard CO2 resurfacing laser into a fractional laser system, the Pixel® CO2 OMNIFIT handpiece combines the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach with a level of patient comfort and convenience that approaches a non-ablative solution. Pixel CO2 OMNIFIT CO2:

  • Your choice of 7 x 7 or 9 x 9 pixel array
  • Pixel Perfect™ skin revitalization
  • Significantly reduced downtime, compared to traditional CO2 laser resurfacing

Pixel CO2 OMNIFIT is ideal for practitioners with CO2 experience looking to add the impressive results of fractional CO2 to their patient service offerings. Through the patient-friendly Pixel Perfect skin rejuvenation procedure, treating photo-damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles with only about three days of downtime, Pixel CO2 adds a proven revenue stream to your practice quickly and easily. Alma Lasers supports your Pixel CO2 OMNIFIT investment through the Alma Lasers Marketing Assistance (A.L.M.A.) program, Office by Alma marketing materials, and an ongoing schedule of training programs.

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