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The next generation solution for effectively treating the widest range of tattoo colors

PicoClear signals the next generation solution for effectively treating the widest range of tattoo colors.

Like all innovation, new tools are built on the foundation that came before. This innovation creates a win for the patient who can see better results in fewer treatments. The provider wins, too because patients won’t cancel due to lack of visible progress. The technology itself signals a generational shift that’s here to stay.

      • Fast treatment Give patients maximized results in record breaking time
      • Optimize the wavelength to the tattoo colors
      • Dual wavelength 532/1064 nm
      • Depth control – Fractional technology

The market

Tattoos are more popular than ever before. A look around and one can see this is especially true with the younger demographics. Artistic expression, individuality, cultural and spiritual identification or a touch of youthful rebellion can all be reasons for getting a tattoo. Not even the painful tattoo process deters someone who wants to be inked.
For as long as people have been getting tattoos, people have been trying to make them go away. Tattoo regret is common, especially as people get older. Fading creams and OTC remedies are increasingly popular remedies, but the claims are often greater than the results.

52% increase in tattoo removal procedures in 2015 (96,000).

17% of americans regret having their tattoo

Spending on tattoo removal is still growing and is expected to hit $83.2 million in 2018

14.5% of Australians have at least one tatto.

In the UK, tattoos are most common amongst people aged between 30 and 39 (35%).

Tattoo removal



Dual Wavelength
PicoClear is a dual wavelength laser featuring a 532nm KTP and a 1064 Nd: YAG. Both wavelengths have a strong track record in tattoo removal.

More Power – Better Clearance – Faster Results

Even a motivated patient can become frustrated when paying for tattoo removal treatments that aren’t showing results fast enough. This frustration often leads to abandoning treatment altogether.
PicoClear features high-power that can destroy ink particles in a precise manner and with less disruption to the patient’s skin. This gives the patient confidence to continue treatment and see tattoo removal all the way to the end.

Wide Range of Spot Sizes:
PicoClear gives tattoo removal professionals the ability to control fluence and spot size independently with the spot size handpiece. This allows for highly customized treatments that benefit the patient. Even the largest spot size pushes high fluence, resulting in deeper penetration and faster treatment.

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