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LegatoII is an advanced system for the treatment of scars and striae.  

LegatoII combines microplasma iPixelRF technology with IMPACT ultrasound in an improved method of trans-epidermal delivery called iTED. The second-generation LegatoII includes UniPolar Pro, a new technology that provides enhanced control of the treatment by allowing practitioners to dictate the level of ablation, thermal damage and patient discomfort.

With the LegatoII, it is possible for the first time to obtain controlled ablation that penetrates the dermal-epidermal junction without patient discomfort or use of anaesthetics.

iPixelRF generates plasma sparks which create microchannels in the skin through which cosmeceuticals can reach the damaged tissue.
Impact ultrasound acoustic vibrations gently push the cosmeceuticals past the stratum corneum to the damaged tissue.

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  • First minimally-invasive technique for the treatment of striae and scars
  • ProfoundPixel cosmeceuticals specially formulated for the Legato
  • No downtime
  • Fast treatment
  • Striae, acne scars, skin whitening and skin rejuvenation
  • Clinically proven in multi-center study
  • Treats all skin types, all year round

Two Modules, One Complete Solution

Breaking Through the Skin Barrier

The Legato uses a 3-phase process to achieve effective Trans-epidermal Delivery of ProfoundPixel cosmeceuticals to the deeper skin tissue.

  • The iPixelRF perforates the skin, forming microchannels
  • ProfoundPixel cosmeceuticals are applied to the skin
  • The Impact ultrasound module generates acoustic pressure that pushes the ProfoundPixel cosmeceuticals beyond the skin barrier

Complete solution for stretch marks, scars, skin-whitening, and skin rejuvenation

The Legato is the first complete solution for the minimal-invasive treatment of stretch marks, scars, acne scars, skin whitening and skin rejuvenation. Combined with ProfoundPixel cosmeceuticals, the Legato successfully provides Trans-epidermal Delivery of cosmeceutical products beyond the stratum corneum and to the damaged skin tissue.

RF Frequency 40.68 MHz
Ultrasound Energy Application Intermittent positive and negative acoustic pressure
Input Electrical 100-230 VAC, 6.3 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase
System Dimensions (WxDxH) 46.6 cm x 62 cm x 110 cm (18.35″ x 24.25″ x 43″)
Weight Pper Unit ? 16 Kg (35.8 lbs), Lower Unit ? 12 Kg (26.46 lbs)


iPixelRF (Radiofrequency Technology)

The iPixelRF uses radiofrequency energy to produce micro-sparks that travel between the RF electrode and the skin’s surface. The micro-sparks ablate the skin, producing micro-channels that reach the deeper skin tissue.


Impact Module (Ultrasound Technology)

The Impact module generates positive and negative acoustic pressure that creates a unique push & pull effect to maximize the depth of penetration and efficacy of the cosmeceutical product delivery.

The Impact module creates a hammer like effect that extracts fluids from the micro-channels and pushes cosmecuticals beneath the epidermis.



The microplasma module uses radiofrequency energy to produce tiny sparks (microplasma) that travel between the RF electrode and the skin’s surface. These microplasma sparks ablate and heat the skin, creating micro-channels that reach beyond the epidermis, allowing access to deeper skin tissue.


Microplasma Tips:

Interchangeable microplasma handpiece tips allow you to customize treatment for each scar type or indication by controlling the amount of energy delivered as well as the precise depth of treatment.

Atrophic tip– the standard tip for the Microplasma module, this tip is a roller with 6 pins per row. It is ideal for treating keloid, contracture and acne scars, stretch marks and large areas.

Traumatic tip– a roller with 3 pins per row for high-energy fractional ablation. It is ideal for treating hypertrophic scars.
Icepick tip– a stationary tip for high thermal effect, this tip is designed to pinpoint and treat localized scars.



The MicroPeel handpiece uses very low power microplasma technology to achieve light ablation for superficial peeling and skin resurfacing. This handpiece can be used as supplementary therapy for scar treatment, rebuilding the collagen in the skin surrounding the scar, for skin preparation prior to other more intensive treatments, or as a follow-up maintenance treatment.



The IMPACT module, in combination with fractional ablative microplasma, facilitates delivery of topical ingredients beyond the epidermis where most scar tissue and other challenging skin imperfections form. It achieves successful trans-epidermal delivery which allows therapeutic ingredients to reach the targeted tissue depth where their regenerative properties can be most effective.

What fellow practitioners are saying…

“The combined use of cosmeceuticals with a delivery system like the Legato is highly effective. In particular, the realized synergies between cosmeceuticals and a delivery system include improved clinical and functional effects.”
Dr. Maria Claudia Almeida Issa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I have been very impressed by the use of IMPACT as a method of delivering cosmeceuticals to the dermis. I am not aware of any other method or technology. This is real innovation.”
Tania Aparecida Meneghel, MD, Dermatologist
Clínica Renaissance, São Paulo, Brazil

“In darker skinned Asian patients, the synergies present in iTED using fractional ablative microplasma and ultrasound treatment is effective with fewer side effects.”
Dong-Hye Suh, MD, Dermatologist
Arumdaun Nara Dermatologic Clinic, Korea

“iTED really helps you deliver what you promise to the patient…. IMPACT and Alma Lasers iTED concept are the future of skin repair.”
Maria Angelo-Khattar, PhD
Director Aesthetica Clinic, Dubai

“Clinical results of the combined microplasma and IMPACT treatment have been very impressive. The IMPACT module is able to pass large amounts of topical creams beyond the skin barrier to levels not previously obtainable. The result of which is improved treatment outcomes and new treatment possibilities.”
Uwe Paasch, MD, PhD
University Clinic of Leipzig, Germany

“I strongly believe that the Legato, microplasma and IMPACT offer treatment possibilities which are not obtainable using any other devices.”
Maria Claudia Issa, MD & PhD
Clinica Dermavance Dermatologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“IMPACT technology solves the challenges of trans-epidermal delivery by applying reverse pressure within the micro-channels, overcoming the blockage of intra-cellular fluid and forcing the active agents through. It is among the most important breakthroughs in aesthetic technology.”
Michael H. Gold, MD
Medical Directorr, Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN, USA


Microplasma is a fractional ablative technology that can be used to improve skin imperfections while significantly reducing the risk of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). Microplasma is a non-chromophore specific technology that both ablates and heats the skin through controlled, focused delivery of radio frequency energy without the need for expensive disposables.


While fractional laser and RF treatments can be highly effective for a variety of indications, combining these with the application of active topical ingredients serves to maintain and significantly augment results.

Legato II’s IMPACT module offers a revolutionary skin barrier breakthrough solution that successfully delivers active ingredients beyond the epidermal–dermal junction. Once the skin is perforated via fractional microplasma, the Impact module emits acoustic waves and air pressure, pushing the topical compounds through the micro-channels. The acoustic vibrations create a push and pull effect within the channels, releasing the buildup of intra-cellular fluid and allowing the active ingredients to reach the targeted tissue depth. Histologies performed after the use of IMPACT technology have proven efficacy in advancing active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.
The synergy of fractional ablation and IMPACT technology offers a compound solution for maximally effective skin repair and aesthetic enhancement.

Treatment Process:

Legato II uses a 2-phase process to treat scar tissue and achieve effective trans-epidermal delivery of active compounds to the deeper skin layers.

Phase I Legato II begins with creating precisely disbursed micro-channels in the skin using microplasma technology. This creates a passage to the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, the controlled thermal damage induced by the microplasma triggers a natural healing process that replaces disorganized, compacted scar tissue with healthy new collagen. The micro-channels are surrounded by untreated skin which also aids in rapid healing.

Phase II Once the skin is perforated, the IMPACT module uses ultrasound technology to advance topical compounds through the micro-channels, allowing their therapeutic properties to further treat damaged tissue at the dermal level.

Healing time is minimal, risk of infection or PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) is eliminated and little discomfort is felt.

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