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Deliver What You Promise With IMPACT

iTED is a minimally invasive skin barrier break through solution that offers unprecedented potential for skin repair and aesthetic enhancement.

iTED is the synergy of two distinct technologies, brought together to provide patients with a quick, easy and virtually pain-free answer to their most difficult skin problems.

iTED begins with microperforation of the skin using a fractional ablative module, followed by the application of medicated creams or cosmeceuticals.The IMPACT module then applies acoustic pressure that forces the cosmeceuticals to the sub-epidermal tissue for effective skin repair and improvement.

iTED Treatments

  • Acne Scars
  • Hyperhidrosis
  • Skin Whitening & Melasma
  • Alopecia
  • Stretch Marks & Scars
  • Skin Whitening

1 – Fractional Ablation

Penetrate the skin by creating micro-channels which reach beyond the stratum corneum, creating a direct path for cosmeceuticals to reach the deeper skin tissue.

iPixelObtain continuous and symmetrical fractional ablation and deep thermal heating of the skin, using an innovative new method that eliminates the need for stamping and scanning.

Available with CO2 & Erbium laser or microplasma technology, the applicator rolls across the skin, delivering laser or electromagnetic pulses that are triggered as a function of distance traveled, regardless of treatment speed.



Perforation of the skin and application of cosmeceuticals has been found to be ineffective as a solution for trans-epidermal delivery, as the same perforation which acts as a passage for the cosmeceuticalsto the deeper skin tissue, also causes the release of inter-cellular fluid which rise up in the microchannels and clog the passage for active ingredients.

IMPACT technology was designed to overcome this challenge, and offer the first fully effective transepidermal delivery solution.

The IMPACT module is a sonotrode that releases acoustic waves and air pressure which advance the cosmeceuticals through the micro-channels,
creating a push and pull effect within the channels to release the buildup of inter-cellular fluid and deliver the cosmeceuticals to the targeted tissue depth.

Histologies performed after the use of IMPACT technology have proven efficacy in advancing active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.

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