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The Leading Multi-Application Laser Systems Get Better and Better

Better Investment, Better Technology

The Harmony Family is the world’s most versatile and expandable platform for aesthetic laser and light treatments. Its modular design provides your practice multiple distinct cosmetic solutions all built into one compact unit. With the Harmony Family, you can purchase only the handpieces you require today and add new technologies as your practice grows.

70 different clinical and aesthetic applications and now including modules FDA cleared for use on patients with onychomycosis

The Harmony Family gives you ultimate flexibility to treat a wide variety of patient-requested procedures. The system’s modular handpieces are designed to deliver effective and reliable results with minimal to no patient discomfort and downtime. No single device will do more than the Harmony Family to expand your aesthetic treatment offerings and help grow your practice revenue.

  • Eleven distinct technologies, many with integrated contact cooling
  • 70 aesthetic/medical applications including the use on patients with toe nail fungus
  • High output energy for faster and more satisfying results
  • Expandable and upgradeable
  • High patient and clinical staff satisfaction
  • Easily transportable from room to room
  • Offers Alma’s exclusive patient-preferred treatments of Laser360iQ™ skin treatment, Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ hair removal, Pixel Perfect™ laser skin resurfacing, ClearChoice™ the long awaited the innovative approach to onychomycosis tinea unguium, ClearLift™ non ablative skin resurfacing and Accent Your Body for face and body solutions.
  • Customized to fit your practice
  • Affordable with a high return on investment
  • IN-Motion Technology

Through patient-friendly Laser360iQ™ procedures (see also the Laser360iQ consumer site), your Harmony Family system helps grow your revenue, and now you can offer Pain-Free, Hair-Freetreatments using the system’s virtually painless SHR module. Alma Lasers supports your Harmony Family investment through Alma+ the complete turnkey implementation and execution program, theAlma+ Web Store and an ongoing schedule of webinars, workshops and training programs.

“For us the HarmonyXL system has been the hub of our laser services… with one machine with exchangeable hand pieces we are able to go from an AFT photofacial to a Fractional Resurfacing to a tattoo removal to a leg vein treatment all on the same patient in the same room with the same machine… there is nothing out there in the cosmetic laser industry that can match this service. And the quality of the treatments is real and palpable. Our patients line up to get their spots removed with our AFT system and to have their face resurfaced with our Pixel. They get a super deep treatment with great results and minimal downtime.”
John Hamel, MD

Harmony Family Cosmetic Laser Systems

Minimize Your Comsetic Laser Investment, Maximize Your Aesthetic offerings

The Harmony Family platforms provide 11 distinct technologies and the ability to treat 70 popular indications and applications with one cosmetic laser system. This flexibility allows you to minimize your investment in aesthetics while meeting the widest range of your patients’ aesthetic needs.


Laser360iQ™ is a popular treatment for people looking to Improve their appearance. Providers utlizie 4 technologies and customize the procedure to the specific needs of patients. Laser360iQ™ meets the key needs of aging skin and can be customized to meet each patient’s specific needs. Use it to treat areas such as the face, neck, chest and hands, or anywhere the skin has been touched by age or photo-damage.

Laser360iQ™ Technologies

Multiple technologies can be combined during a single session or spread out over 60 days.

  • When performed in a single treatment session, the Mini Laser 360iQ program consists of a layered pass of AFTNIR, PixelQSW and iPixelER.
  • The complete Laser360iQ treatment consists of 4-6 treatment sessions utilizing select combinations of technologies (AFT,  NIR, PixelQSW and iPixelER), spaced about 10-15 days apart over a 60-day period.

Pain Free, Hair Free™ – Laser Hair Removal

The addition of the new virtually painless hair removal AFT 650 handpiece brings the innovative Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatment to the HarmonyXL platform. Formerly available only with the Soprano Family of Products, Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatments are the only laser hair removal treatments to be virtually painless with no topical chillers or bulky external devices. Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatments provide your business a best-in-class treatment offering to differentiate you from other hair removal providers.

Other In-Demand Applications / Harmony Family Handpieces:

Harmony Family Specifications

Designed for effective, safe and easy treatments

The Harmony Family systems are designed to be freestanding, portable units that require minimal site preparation. Each system uses a standard wall outlet and transports easily from room to room.

Harmony Xl Specifications Harmony ELITE Specifications

Safety features come standard

All Harmony Family systems include the unit, installation, in-service training and the following parts:

  • 3 pairs of safety glasses
  • 2 keys
  • 1 safety warning sign
  • 1 foot switch
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 operator’s manual
  • 1 remote interlock

Each handpiece is sold separately.

Shipping and installation requirements

Harmony Family systems can be shipped anywhere. It needs no special receiving facilities, as it is small enough to fit on any elevator. No special equipment is needed to move the unit.

  • It uses any standard wall outlet
  • Space should be allocated with adequate ventilation and free air flow
  • The system should be connected to a dedicated circuit
  • Room temperature should ideally be between 20 and 25°C, with a relative humidity less than 80%.


Harmony Family Cosmetic Laser Equipment

State-of-the-art, advanced technologies

The Harmony Family delivers the latest in technical performance with an unrivaled edge: modularity and upgradeability. Buy only the technologies you need now, and expand as you grow your business. Because Harmony Family technology is built right into the handpieces, not the system, expansions and equipment upgrades are quick and simple. Even more, the system features a detachable design where the top and bottom split apart. This innovation makes it very easy to move your Harmony Family system from room to room.

The Alma Lasers difference

The Harmony Family accommodates Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) pulsed light and laser technology in the same cosmetic laser system. Its high power allows for higher fluence treatment – but patient comfort is optimized through the proprietary IN-Motion™ technology unique to Alma Lasers. For additional patient comfort, you also have your choice of contact-cooled or non-cooled handpieces.

Exclusive to Alma Lasers, The Harmony Family boasts Pixel® technology – a breakthrough in fractionated ablative treatments. Pixel technology is used to provide both the Laser360iQ™, Pixel Perfect™, Accent Your Body™ and Pain-Free Hair-Free™ treatments. In addition, you can include one or all of the following cosmetic laser technologies to expand your equipment and service options:

  • aft_handpieceTreat superficial vascular and pigmented irregularities to improve a patient’s skin color. Use a series of approximately five treatments using one of the AFT handpieces on HarmonyXL:     General Options AFT – How It Works AFT is the next generation of intense pulsed light. It takes formerly unused short-wavelength light and converts it into Read More
  • alex_755The Alex 755 is a dedicated handpiece that offers two non-invasive, advanced treatments: permanent hair reduction and aesthetic laser treatment of benign pigmented lesions. The Alex 755 is the premier laser for hair removal, using the Alexandrite laser technology, the gold standard in laser hair removal. Based on the powerful Alexandrite laser technology, the Alex Read More
  • cooled_handpieceThe Cooled Long Pulsed Nd:YAG module is designed for the treatment of superficial and deep blood vessels and the non-ablative treatment of fine lines and facial wrinkles. The module boasts a unique and fully-independent continuous contact cooling mechanism, an innovative improvement over standard external cooling devices. ? Self-cooling dramatically increases patients comfort ? Allows physicians Read More
  • Dye-PLSince we introduced the DYE VL, our luminaries have told us that this module is the technology of choice when treating vascular lesions. Our DYE VL gives providers a way of utilizing DYE VL technology with the flagship Harmony XL PRO. The DYE VL’s 500-600 nm wavelength is narrow band, helping providers target only the melanin in Read More
  • highpowerHigh Power Q-Switched module is used for the non-invasive removal of various colored tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, providing deep penetration for fast, safe, and efficient removal. By utilizing our unique 5×5 tip you can now offer non-ablative fractionated skin resurfacing with this module. Uniquely designed for use with the HarmonyXL platform, it is the Read More
  • led_handpieceLED handpiece for temporary relief of muscle aches and pains and general pain relief.
  • qs_1064_handpieceTreat leg veins with long-pulsed 1064-nm light. The Nd:YAG 1064 laser handpiece coagulates and destroys large, deep, yet cosmetically unacceptable blood vessels and leg veins without the use of chemicals or needles. This easy-to-use, ergonomic handpiece effectively coagulates oxygenated reddish telangiectasias, as well as deoxygenated bluish venule ectasia and reticular veins up to 4 mm Read More
  • 1320_handpieceUse the 1320 Nd:YAG handpiece on HarmonyXL to treat fine lines, wrinkles and photo-aged skin, as well as mild acne scars. When used to treat aesthetic imperfections – including periorbital and perioral wrinkles – the 1320nm wavelength achieves deep penetration and targets selected water-containing tissue by raising the dermal temperature. 1320 Nd:YAG handpiece – How Read More
  • near_infared_largeThe NIR module uses Near Infrared technology to heat the tissue under the skin’s surface. The NIR handpiece produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis.
  • ipixel_handpiece_largeGive your patients a more youthful appearance with the Pixel Pro featuring the iPixel skin resurfacing laser on HarmonyXL. As part of Laser360iQ or a stand-alone treatment, the procedure will gradually stimulate new cells to replace aged and photo-aged skin with little patient downtime. Pixel Pro – How It Works With the High Power Pixel Read More
  • qs_1064_handpiece (1)Use the Q-Switched Nd:YAG handpiece on Harmony Family systems for tattoo removal. It uses two discrete wavelengths to treat a broad range of tattoo colors, including: Dark colors like black, blue and green with 1064-nm wavelength Brighter colors like red, orange and yellow with 532-nm wavelength Q-Switched Nd:YAG Handpiece – How It Works Tattoo ink Read More
  • shr_handpieceHair removal is the most popular light-based aesthetic procedure in the world. Using a novel 650 – 950 nm AFT handpiece, HarmonyXL can deliver fast, effective results for permanent hair reduction on all skin types, including tanned skin. This SHR handpiece now has contact cooling and uses IN-Motion™ technology for virtually painless procedures with no Read More
  • uvb_handpieceThe High Power UV handpiece uses high-power, spectral irradiance in the UVA wavebands to target and treat dermatoses such as psoriasis, leukoderma, vitiligo, stretch marks (striae distenase), atopic dermatitis (eczema), seborrheic dermatitis and hypopigmented scars. The treatment is much faster than either PUVA or UVB phototherapy. It involves no drugs and treats only specific areas Read More

Innovative technology for outstanding results

Harmony Family before and after pictures

The Harmony Family has helped thousands of doctors improve the lives of thousands of patients, worldwide. View some of the best before and after photos here.

What fellow physicians are saying…

“I like that the Harmony® includes both the visible and non-visible wavelengths. Using AFT, I notice an improvement in color as well as with tone and texture. The Harmony system provides, by far, the widest range of applications. Changing from one handpiece to another is very easy. It takes approximately 30 seconds. The system is also cost effective.”

Ilan Karavani, M.D.
Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon – Antwerp, Belgium

Prefers AFT to IPL

“AFT is a slightly different technology than intense pulsed light (IPL). AFT is more of a flat wave instead of a spiked wave. Subsequently, the likelihood of adverse side effects, which can occur with other pulsed light systems, is reduced. AFT is a slightly different technology that intense pulsed light (IPL). AFT is more of a flat wave instead of a spiked wave. Subsequently, the likelihood of adverse side effects which can occur with other pulsed light systems is reduced.”

Randolph Capri, M.D.
Dermatologist – Westlake Village, California

“The problem with IPL technology is that it had not been upgraded since it began about ten years ago. AFT is a new technology that controls how deep the fluorescent light penetrates the skin. AFT is also more selective when treating hair. Other IPL systems may cause burning of the subcutaneous tissue.”

T. Joseph Raoof, M.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine – University of Southern California

“I used to tell my IPL patients that they required a minimum of five sessions. But now, with the Harmony system, I tell them they need three to five sessions, generally four weeks apart. Particularly with pigmented lesions on the hands, face and chest, you can achieve 80% to 90% clearance with three sessions. Patients love it. There is not one patient who prefers my older IPL system. The new system is also extremely economical.”

Madeline Krauss, M.D.
Dermatologist – Wellesley, Massachusetts

“Laser 360 harmoniously combines pulsed light, infrared skin treatments and fractionated skin resurfacing technology to provide the patient with improvement in color, tone and texture all on one platform in a cost effective manner.”

Martin Braun, M.D.

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