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How to get your salon to the next level

Take your Salon to the Next Level

Next Level for your Salon

1. To get to the Next Level, consider your direction

To take your salon to the Next Level, consider what direction you would like to take your beauty business. Are you a great hairdresser and you can’t afford to lose clients as they prefer you as their stylist? Let’s be honest, once you find a stylist that knows you and styles according to your desires, you stick to them!

In this case, you could be investing in technology that could be generating a passive income on the side, and be done by an assistant stylist. Such an example would be to offer permanent hair removal solutions such as laser hair removal in areas such as Side Burns, Neck Hair, and Back Hair.

If your direction of focus is on Nails, think about the other concerns clients have with regards to their nails. A great element could be to offer solutions for Nail Fungus

In saying so, instead of sending clients away due to having Nail Fungus, treat them! These type of concerns often stop nail salons from being able to assist walk-in clients due to hygiene issues that may occur after treating an incident like this. Instead of sending an individual away, you can treat them using leading Aesthetic Technology. In this way, you could take your salon to the Next Level.

2. Next Level Partnering

Thoughts to consider in getting to the Next Level. Your choice in the supplier is extremely important. You can’t risk taking a big step in a new direction with a supplier that does not offer you the support and intellectual property you need to succeed in your next level.

Being seen as an expert in your current field and level of competitiveness, you need to rebuild this trust in your next level. In this case, Best Lasers has a reputable great reputation in the industry. We in-house clinical training support, international clinical training support. This is also supported by our national & international technical support, ensuring that our clients have all the support they need to succeed.

3. Consider future decisions for your Next Level

A very important element is considering your future support. In taking a step into the Next Level in aesthetic technology, a lot of people come across suppliers that don’t offer future support. In saying so, ask yourself how long will your device last?  How often would it need to be serviced? If servicing is a necessity, what type of technical support does your chosen supplier offer? These are all elements that assist in building trust is not in your decision in taking your next step, but in your choice of a partner too.


If you are ready to take your salon to the Next Level, contact Best Lasers and we will gladly assist you.

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Laser Hair Removal Machine for Sale

Targeting Men for Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Men

1. Get a greater turn over in the salon from Men

Laser Hair Removal Salons, this is how you can break down your solutions for men and more specifically, their facial hair removal.

Targeting men can be a complicated effort, but once you have your prices set for the treatment, all the other communication efforts fall into place. Some salons prefer not to waste pricelist space on such a niche solution but at the moment, male aesthetics is on the rise. So why not lead the way?

The most practical way to start the process is to choose the treatment areas you want to target and then put a price on it. Thereafter, you communicate this on your various platforms using a specific choice of imagery, eg. males- this will quickly communicate that the message is targeted at males.

2. Treatments targeted at men

A nice way you can break down your facial hair removal treatments could be as follows:

  • Neck (Front & Back)
  • Total Beard Removal
  • Beard Shaping (Cheeks & Jawline)
  • Eye Brows (unibrows)
  • Side Burns
  • Ear & Nose Hair Removal

When communicating these treatments, the success of it comes down to communicating the convenience of the solution you offer. Make sure to comment on the negative side effects that come with shaving or not treating these areas. Only once you the make it obvious what your solutions are, do clients realize the value of the solution you are offering.

A few points you can communicate about are things like the elimination of razor burns when going for laser hair removal. Another element that can be elaborated about is the reduction of ingrown hairs and the inconvenience that goes along with it. This is especially common after shaving and razor bumps develop on a males chin and neck. There are a lot of methods to follow to minimize the chance of razor bumps to pop up such as shaving in the same direction as the hair grows, using hot water when shaving and not shaving too close to the skin- but this doesn’t solve the convenience aspect of facial hair growth.

As a salon, make it evident that the treatment is quick and removes any ingrown hairs permanently. So go ahead, and get those beards in shape.


If you would like to find out more about our equipment is used to treat men, contact us & our Best Lasers team would be glad to assist you.



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