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Alma Beauty Remove_2

ALMA BEAUTY REMOVE is a highly effective laser hair removal solution

Using an 810 nm “gold standard” diode laser, REMOVE is the world’s best-selling laser hair removal technology, found in over 3,500 clinics worldwide.


Laser hair removal is a high-end, professional-grade hair removal method and is among the most effective treatments in the industry for achieving smooth and beautiful hair-free skin.


The combination of Alma’s 810 nm diode laser with patented SHRTM technology makes REMOVE the safest, most reliable and most effective laser hair removal solution available today.


Light Source: Diode Laser 810 nm


Alma Beauty Remove Compact


Easier to Perform

Ergonomic lightweight design makes treatments easier for practitioners and more comfortable for clients.


Specifications: Spot size 12×10 mm, up to 10 J/cm2, up to 10 Hz

Alma Beauty Remove Facial


Reaching the Hard to Reach

REMOVE’s unique facial tip makes hard to reach areas more accessible, including the ears, nostrils and between the eyebrows.


Specifications: Spot size 6 mm

Alma Beauty Remove Disposable


Treatment of Intimate Areas

REMOVE includes unique disposable hygienic tips for treating intimate areas.


10 units per package


  • 8 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • Portable system, for maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Intuitive, user friendly 15.6” color touch screen
  • Easy to operate, with a quick learning curve
  • Dual mode – SHRTM and HR mode
  • No consumables. no pulse limits or operating costs, yielding a high ROI
Alma Beauty Remove Brochure


Weight: 40 kg/ 88 lbs
Dimensions: 56 cm/ 22 in (W) x 47 cm/
19 in (D) x 45 cm/ 18 in (H)
Power Supply: 120/ 230 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz, single phase


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Alma Beauty Reform_w3

ALMA BEAUTY REFORM is today’s most effective, long term solution for the contouring and tightening of body and face


Its patented UniPolarTM technology uses dielectric heating achieved with an RF frequency of 40.68 MHz, sending 40.68 million transmissions per second to the tissue. This type of focused and powerful heating enables deep and effective dermal heating without causing discomfort.

Used successfully in over 4,500 clinics worldwide, REFORM treatments are completely safe, efficient and suitable for all skin types (I-VI), as well as for thin and delicate areas.


Energy Source: UniPolar RF at 40.68 MHz, power up to 200 W


Alma Beauty Reform Uniface


Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage

Combining UniPolar technology with a detachable rotating massage increases circulation and improves lymphatic drainage for superior results. Its ergonomic design and removable massage head make treatments easier to perform, while providing easy cleaning.


Specifications: Contactable surface diameter 14 mm,
rotatable wheel diameter 30 mm

Alma Beauty Reform Coaxipolar


Focused on Face

Suitable for facial treatments and using a coaxial electrode which transmits up to 6 mm deep. Its ergonomic, lightweight design and integrated thermometer enables easier use. It features an automatic temperature reading (C° or F°), making treatments faster and more efficient.


Specifications: Contactable surface diameter 30 mm

Alma Beauty Reform Micropeel


Micro Perforation for Skin Rejuvenation

This very small applicator provides micro perforation of the skin, using unique Microplasma™ technology, and is effective for both face and body.


Specifications: 5 tips supplied with applicator



  • Multi technology platform
  • 10 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • Intuitive, user friendly 7” color touch screen with pre-set parameters
  • Easy to operate, with a quick learning curve
  • No consumables and no operating costs, yielding a high ROI
  • Highly reliable system: maximum uptime, minimal maintenance
Alma Beauty Reform Brochure


Weight: 50 kg/ 110 lbs
Dimensions: 50 cm/ 19.5 in (W) x 48 cm/
18.9 in (D) x 125 cm/ 49.2 in (H)
Power Supply: 120/ 230 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz, single phase


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Alma Rejuve

ALMA BEAUTY REJUVE is a highly effective skin rejuvenation solution, used successfully in over 5,000 clinics worldwide

Based on the new Dye-PL technology, it is as effective as laser treatments, combined with the safety, versatility and low-cost of pulsed light.


Dye-PL is a high-end, professional-grade skin rejuvenation technology. It is one of the most efficient methods used to achieve uniform skin tone and texture, with fewer treatments and faster results.


The unique combination of Alma’s exclusive Dye-PL and AFT technologies targets all layers of hyperpigmentation, including dark skin, as well as all types of pigmented and vascular lesions.


Light Source: AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology)


The ergonomic, lightweight design of the system’s applicators makes treatments easier for practitioners to perform, while providing a more comfortable experience for clients.


Alma Beauty Rejuve dye-vl


For Light Skin

Wavelength 500-600 nm, spot size 3 cm²

Alma Beauty Rejuve dye-sr


For Dark Skin

Wavelength 550-650 nm, spot size 3 cm²

Additional Technologies for Complementary Treatments:

Alma Beauty Rejuve high power nir


Tightening and Contouring for Body and Face

This applicator enables easy delegation to staff, and has no pulse limits or operating costs.

Specifications: Pulsed Nir, spot size 6 cm2

Alma Beauty Rejuve hr


Hair Removal Technology

Wavelength 650-950 nm, spot size 5 cm²




  • 8 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • Portable system, for maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Intuitive, user friendly 15.6” color touch screen
  • Easy to operate, with a quick learning curve
  • Long-life of disposable applicators, for higher ROI and maximized investment
Alma Beauty Rejuve Brochure


Weight: 40 kg/ 88 lbs
Dimensions: 56 cm/ 22 in (W) x 47 cm /
19 in (D) x 45 cm/ 18 in (H)
Power Supply: 120/ 230 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz , Single Phase


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