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Now there’s a revolutionary new way to lose inches—without diet, exercise or surgery. It’s called Spa RF”‘. Spa RF'” is an incredible technological breakthrough that uses advanced heat energy to treat cellulite, reshape and contour the body.  Spa RF” uses Radiofrequency (RF) energy, which has been used safely in medical settings for decades. Spa RFTM’ takes traditional RF one step further to produce very consistent results with its superior technology. A few virtually painless sessions will surprise and delight your customers with their new, sculpted shape.

Simple treatments, reliable results

Treatment settings are preprogrammed onto an easy-to-read, full color display, so the Spa RF Pro operator is guaranteed to produce flawless results, time after time. Plus, Spa RF Pro is simple to learn and so lightweight, you can move it from room to room or between multiple locations with ease.


Make your spa stand out

The Spa RF Pro gives your spa a distinct business advantage—almost everyone has a part of their body they would like to improve. With the Spa RF Pro, you appeal to an additional set of clientele which means the financial return on your investment is very quick. And unlike other body-shaping systems, Spa RF Pro is effective and affordable year-round, with no expensive oils or treatment gels to stock.
A global Reputation for client satisfaction:

  • Tens of thousands of clients treated for a broad range of conditions
  • Extremely high client satisfaction
  • Proven results with defined treatment programs
  • Comfortable treatments allow clients to quickly return to

Safe for all ages and skin types

All your customers can benefit from Spa RF Pro-no matter what their age, skin type or color. In fact, Spa RF Pro is for anyone who seeks:

  • Cellulite improvement
  • Body contouring
  • Body reshaping
  • Body skin tightening
  • Slimmer hips and thighs

Many customers note visible results after their very first treatments.

Body Contouring with Medical Technology

Spa RF Pro reduces fat and body circumference, improves cellulite and performs overall skin tightening through a multi-layer heat therapy based on clinically proven medical technology.
Spa RF Pro delivers therapeutic heat to all layers of the skin, from the skin surface to remove wrinkles, through the fat located deep beneath the skin for reduction in body circumference.

Virtually pain free—like a hot stone massage

Spa RF Pro rejuvenates the skin’s firmness and texture with an exclusive IN-motion’ technology that ensures a fast, safe and virtually pain free experience. In fact, customers say it’s so comfortable it feels like a “hot stone massage.”

Superior technology ensures customer comfort

Spa RF Pro technology is state-of-the-art and approved by physicians, as the science it uses has been proven very safe, effective and a superior choice for the spa environment. Your customers stay relaxed and comfortable throughout each short treatment, and results are incredibly consistent from customer to customer.

How Spa Rf Pro works

Spa RF Pro is based on a revolutionary medical aesthetic technology called UniPolar Pro. UniPolar Pro is the only RF technology that can obtain deep heating of all skin layers without causing any pain.

Before treatment: Collagen fibers are scattered, with excess fluid and fat cells. 

During treatment: Deep dermal heat is applied through the handpiece with a sweeping motion. 

After treatment: Collagen fibers contract and multiply for a firmer, tighter appearance. Circulation improves; retained fluids and excess fat drains from tissues to reduce overall volume. 


Pre—Treatment: Ultrasound image of patient’s buttocks prior to treatment with Spa RF Pro. Notice that the collagen fibers are spread apart and not well organized. 


Post—Treatment: 15 days after 5th bi-weekly treatments. The deep fat layer has shrunk. Collagen fibers have reconnected and moved closer to the surface. 

Output Power Up to 2oo Watt
RF Applicator UniLarge, BiPolar, UniBody
Cooling Integrated cooling system
Display Touch screen color display
System Dimensions
With cart
44 Cm wide x 63 cm deep x 75 cm high
17.25″ wide x 25″ deep x 3o” high
System & cart combined 28 Kg (62 Ibs)
System Alone 16.5 Kg (36.5 Ibs
Cart Alone 11.5 Kg (25.5 Ibs)

The Spa RF Pro system is available with three optional modules , the UniLarge, the UniBody and the BiPolar. Both the UniLarge and UniBody modules can treat any skin depth.



The UniBody module combines a high-energy radio-frequency (RF) technology with a mechanical massage treatment to deliver deep heating of larger areas. The massaging action enhances the effects of the heat therapy process, helping to quickly and dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. 



BiPolar The Bipolar module delivers local, superficial skin heating to treat more delicate areas, such as the face, and for the improvement of skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles.



A dedicated UniPolar RF handpiece designed especially for treatment of the face. UniFace combines UniPolar RF technology and In-motion technology to contract collagen fibers within the skin, stimulate the formation of new collagen and bolster delicate facial skin against future aging.



The UniLarge handpiece combines high energy UniPolar RF technology and In-motion technology to tighten skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen as well as speed up metabolism of adipose tissue, smoothing the appearance of cellulite.



The CoaxiPolar handpiece uses a coaxiPolar RF current to create local, superficial dermal heating for skin tightening and collagen production while In-motion technology allows for more comfortable treatment. When used in combination with the UniForm handpiece, the result is safe, controlled delivery of RF energy to both the superficial dermal and deeper subdermal layers of the skin, achieving maximum effectiveness.



The Periorbital handpiece is designed to treat the area around the eyes, using UniPolar and In-motion technologies to tighten lax skin comfortably and improve fine lines and wrinkles.



The Periorbital handpiece is designed to treat the area around the eyes, using UniPolar and In-motion technologies to tighten lax skin comfortably and improve fine lines and wrinkles.

“Most Promising New Aesthetic Technology”

Accent®XL was named the Most Promising New Aesthetic Technology in the 2006 Laser & Light Technology Choice Awards. And unlike other RF systems, AccentXL provides effective treatment for cellulite, skin tightening and body shaping with significantly less discomfort, a minimal risk of side effects and no downtime or expensive disposables. Plus, the technology is always expandable when new research innovations emerge.

Radio Frequency

The dual radio frequency modes produce therapeutic heat in two ways:

  • Tissue resistance to BiPolar RF current creates local, superficial dermal heating
  • UniPolar™ and and UniLarge™ RF generates alternating electromagnetic fields that cause rotation and friction in the dipole water molecules of deeper tissue

IN-Motion™ technology removes pain

The IN-Motion technology of AccentXL represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results.

It provides a gradual thermal rise to the target’s therapeutic temperature, without the risk of injury and with much less pain for the patient.

The IN-Motion™ technology is administered using a sweeping technique, which enables a larger treatment area for body reshaping.

How the technologies work together: collagen reorganization

AccentXL works by gradually heating the dermal and subdermal tissue to tighten and re-contour both superficially and volumetrically.

  • Collagen fibers contract and multiply, which firms and improves laxity
  • Connective tissue contracts to improve the skin’s contour, texture and architecture
  • Circulation improves and retained fluids drain from subcutaneous adipose tissue (cellulite) to reduce edema, erythema and overall volume

Ultrasound image of patient’s abdomen prior to treatment with AccentXL. Notice that the connective tissue is sparse, spread apart and not well organized.

15 days post treatment (5 weeks, 2x/wk). The thickness of the patient’s superficial fat has decreased 33 percent and there is a clear demarcation from the deep fat. Connective tissue has become uniform, linear and horizontally oriented, with an increase in collagen fibers

“The treatments were so relaxing; it actually felt like I was getting a massage. I went for a few treatments and the difference is so noticeable. I’m getting back into jeans I haven’t worn since my oldest child was born, and it feels great to be slimmer”
Elizabeth van Buren

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